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Black Hill Park Family Session | Piscoya Family

Black Hill Park is a beautiful park in Boyds, Maryland that I frequently visited over the summer with my daughter. So when Andres reached out to me asking for a family session in Montgomery County, Black Hill Park was one of the locations I recommended.

When I arrived and scouted the area, I found a cute little spot with plenty of orange and yellow leaves— the perfect backdrop for fall photos. When I first saw the Piscoya family, my heart almost melted. Their outfits complemented each other so well!

James was wearing the cutest little outfit you’ve ever seen. It was timeless and perfect for the weather and backdrop.


Have you ever met a family so kind, you felt like a better person just being around them?

That’s what happened when I met the Piscoya family. They were honestly so down to earth.

Bianca was kind and gentle. She said she usually doesn’t like having her photos taken, but she was really easygoing and natural in front of my camera.

Andres complements her so well. From the conversations we had, it was clear to me that he is head over heels in love with her.

Their love created a beautiful baby boy, James, and the word “sweet” doesn’t do him justice. He was a bundle of joy, and once I got him laughing, there was no stopping him. His little giggle warmed my heart.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kylo. It’s always a treat when families bring their pets to their family session. It’s something I wish I would’ve done with my dog Rex before he passed, so I love capturing furry friends with families.

Kylo was hyper but stayed still long enough to capture some adorable photos, and I can’t wait for Andres and Bianca to see them all!

Dear Piscoya family,

It was so great getting to know you! James is so precious, and I can tell you’re doing a great job. Parenting isn’t easy, but you two sure make it seem that way. Keep giving him all the love you have, and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy all those giggles and cuddles because before you know it, he’ll be all grown up and on his own. I hope I have the honor of capturing more special moments and events for your family because you were all truly so sweet and wonderful to work with.

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