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Bristow Manor Golf Club Spring Wedding | Jess + Mike

For several minutes, there wasn't a dry eye at Jess and Mike's Bristow Manor Golf Club spring wedding. Jessica's dad, Larry, shared a heartwarming welcome speech after everyone was seated inside the bright State Room next to the Manor, lit by chandeliers. Everyone quietly listened as he poured his heart out to Jess and Mike.

"You've taken my place as the most important man in her life," Mike's new father-in-law said to him. The room filled with several audible "aww"s. Jess never expected her dad to share such raw emotion that day, but she was grateful he did. He beautifully crafted a speech that I'm sure many will remember as one of the highlights of the day.

Larry shared the story of how he prayed he and his wife Amy would have a daughter. And after Jessica was born, he prayed she would be like her mom - sweet and kind, which she is. He also prayed Jess would be like him - adventurous and a lover of the outdoors, which also came true. Finally, "I said 'Lord, make her like you,' and he did."

"He gave her a kind, loving, giving heart," Larry said. But then, he asked God to make her happy, "and then she met you," he said to Mike.

Jess and Mike were overwhelmed with emotion and gratefulness. They were surrounded by dozens of family members and friends. Many had traveled long distances to spend the weekend with them. By the time Larry finished sharing his blessing, tears streamed down many faces, and several napkins were blotted with makeup.

Despite an ongoing drizzle of rain that persisted during the day, guests stayed dry thanks to the quick adjustment by the Bristow Manor Golf Club staff. Both the ceremony and reception took place inside the State Room, which has chandeliers and soft ceiling draping. Cocktail hour was held inside the manor, which was filled with crystal chandeliers, intricate architectural details, and portraits of Jess and Mike's engagement session, as well as photos of their dog, Mosby. Did I mention Ivory Isle Designs integrated Mosby's portrait into Jess and Mike's invitation suite?! She did a spectacular job!

I want to also express how grateful I am to have worked alongside the following amazing vendor team who truly went above and beyond to ensure Jess and Mike had a perfect day:

Venue: Bristow Manor

Florist: Modern Foliage

HMU: Makeup By Steph

Live wedding painting: Cheri Miller Bridal

Dress: Ava Laurenne Bride

Videographer: Grayter Memories

Dear Jess and Mike,

It's hard to express how meaningful it was for me to not only be at your wedding, but also to photograph it. I teared up pinning Brittany's pendant to your dress, Jess. I know she joined us on the dancefloor that night, and I know she's so proud of you for finding the man of your dreams - the one who cares for your heart, and also adores and respects you. Mike, you're so blessed to get to spend the rest of your life with Jess, but I know you already know that. Hold each other close and cherish every moment. Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Kenefick!

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