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Centennial Park Family Session | Ellicott City, Maryland | The Parks

Family session at Centennial Park in Ellicott City, Maryland

This family session at Centennial Park is truly one I hold near and dear to my heart. "My mom is battling cancer," Jessica told me when she first inquired about a photoshoot. My heart sank when I read that... because I know what it's like worrying about losing a loved one to cancer. We talked back and forth for weeks about this special surprise family session. I wanted to make sure every detail was perfect and ultimately, everything worked out amazing. The weather in Ellicott City that day was spectacular, the light was perfect, and Jessica did a wonderful job coordinating everyone's outfits. The best part? Their personalities. The Park family was so kind, polite, and easy-going.

They made it so easy to capture special moments. This session was full of genuine smiles and laughter. We had more than enough time to capture every photo combination possible, including special portraits with June, which is Jessica, Jamie, and Jonathan's mom. I have no doubt these will be the photos that get framed and posted for birthdays and Mother's Day. I also had the opportunity to turn part of the family session into a mini engagement session for Jessica and Shawn! They had just recently gotten engaged and I loved capturing flirty and romantic moments for them.

Before we all left Centennial Park, Jessica handed me a gift. It was so unexpected and sweet! They gave me some of my favorite things, including dark chocolate and an orange-scented candle. They even sent a gift for my daughter Elena! When I gave her the Frozen bubbles the next day, she was SO excited. I am so blessed to have such thoughtful clients. The gift was kind, but I truly felt honored just getting to meet the Parks. My life is better after having just met them.

Dear Park family,

You are all so blessed to have one another. I realize that a "perfect family" doesn't exist, but you all make it seem possible. Your connection with one another made your family photo session so fun! I hope these photos, especially the ones with your mom, find a special place in your home where you can always cherish the laughs and memories you share together. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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