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Cherry Blossom Maternity Session | Washington D.C. Tidal Basin

Tears. They filled her eyes moments into the session. To her right, stood the man who had promised to always be there for her. The man she would share parenthood with. Matthew held and comforted Monica as they stood next to the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. She didn’t need to say a word for him to know exactly what was going through her mind. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly.

I photographed the blooms to give them a moment to themselves, but before I knew it, they were smiling and ready for the moment they had been planning - a photoshoot to remember what it was like expecting their firstborn child.

The Tidal Basin was quiet. A light sprinkle of rain was fading away, and the sun was just starting to rise. The sky was cloudy and the lighting was perfect for Monica and Matthew’s maternity session.

It was windy. I couldn’t believe how well-composed they were during the session despite the wind chills. I especially looked up to Monica for braving the wind gusts. During my pregnancy (and still to this day) I couldn’t stand being outside in the cold. I was bundled up, but Monica took her coat off every time I was ready to capture a moment. She displayed the characteristics of an amazing mother- strength, bravery, and determination.

I’m so grateful anytime I have the opportunity to work with clients like the Barretts. They were so easy-going and open with me. When I asked what they most looked forward to about parenting, Matthew said he couldn’t wait to teach his daughter all about nature and how things work. Monica agreed as she walked and held her baby that was beautifully tucked away in her belly.

Dear Monica and Matthew,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture such an important milestone in your life. From the short time I was able to spend with you, it was clear that your kind and sweet nature will make you amazing parents. Treasure every moment of parenthood. It flies by, and next thing you know, you’ll be sending your little one off to kindergarten. I’m cheering for you! I know you’ll be wonderful, loving parents.

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