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Downtown Frederick Maternity Photos | Baker Park | Adrianna & Connor

Adrianna was glowing, and not just because she was wearing a bright yellow dress. I could see the excitement all over her. She was a little over a month away from meeting her little girl, and Connor was equally excited. When I asked them to look at one another, they both had giddy smiles and couldn't help but giggle if they stared for more than two seconds. Passerbyers even yelled congratulations when they walked past the expecting couple. One little girl said Adrianna looked like a princess, and she was totally right. This downtown Frederick maternity session at Baker Park was a dream.

The clouds shielded the sun's heat. The rain held off, and the park wasn't too crowded. We couldn't have asked for a better day! Adrianna and Connor had been in front of my camera before for their engagement photos at Whittier Lake, so they seemed pretty comfortable and confident - two things I hope to make all my clients feel!

We talked about everything under the sun: their pregnancy, quarantine life, work, and family. It was like catching up with old friends! I couldn't believe it when they told me little Quinn would get to meet her great-great-grandmother! What a lucky girl. Not only because of that, but because she's going to have the coolest parents ever.

Dear Adrianna and Connor,

I feel so honored to have captured your engagement AND maternity photos! You are both such a joy to be around. Your energy is so positive, silly, and uplifting, and I love spending time with you both! If baby Quinn is anything like either of you, she'll be the coolest kid around. I can't wait to meet her one day! I know you'll both be amazing parents. Adrianna, you have such a sweet, kind, and approachable nature. Quinn will feel so comfortable opening up to you, and I already know you'll be her best friend. Connor, you're going to be such a great dad. You'll be wrapped around Quinn's little finger and probably want to give her everything she asks for. Don't worry, it'll get easier to say no once she's got that threenager attitude. ;) I can't wait to see you both enjoying parenthood! Enjoy the rest of those precious baby kicks and hiccups!

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