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Dreamy Engagement Session in Washington D.C. | Jessica & Michael

To say I was excited and emotional about this engagement session is an understatement. Jessica and Michael look so cute in all their Instagram photos together, and I couldn't wait to have them in front of my camera! Although I had never met them, I have indirectly known Jessica for over ten years. She and I had a mutual friend - best friend, actually. Her name was Brittany Kirk, and she was the coolest, funniest, most genuine person I'm sure either of us knew. Her life ended much earlier than it should've, and both Jessica and I miss her every day. So when I saw Jessica's inquiry about an engagement session in Washington D.C., my heart lit up! I'll never get to share another moment with Brittany, but I got to hang out with someone else whose life was touched by Brittany, and I loved every minute.

The humidity stayed away and so did the cold. The air was perfect. There were hundreds of people at the Lincoln Memorial celebrating prom and graduation, but the session was still intimate. When it was time to change outfits, we had to improvise since the restrooms by the D.C. War Memorial were closed. Luckily, no one was around, so we made it work. ;) I have to say, our time at the D.C. War Memorial was probably my favorite. The photos turned out stunning, and not just because of the location!

Jess and Michael were so photogenic and easy-going. Anytime their eyes met, I could tell they were both instantly at ease. They went with the flow, trusted my instructions, and did I mention they dressed like magazine models?! You better believe I'll be adding their photos to my style guide! Everything about their session was spectacular. The jokes, the posing, the smiles - I'm so blessed to have the best clients!

The best part of my job isn't capturing the photos or delivering beautiful images. It's creating an enjoyable experience for my clients! I was touched when Michael told me he actually enjoyed the session. Typically, guys don't love photoshoots, so I was very happy to hear him say that he had a great time! That's what I thrive for: an amazing client experience.

Dear Jessica and Michael,

I had an amazing time with you, and I am so excited for you to get married! Jess, Michael would be lost without you. I love that you've been there for him through everything and plan on doing that for as long as you both live. Michael, Jess enjoys life so much more because of you. Keep making her smile that beautiful smile! You're a perfect match, and I can tell you love each other very well. I wish you both the best as you plan your wedding and every other part of your lives together. :) Congratulations again!!

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