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Fairfax, Virginia Engagement Session | Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail | Carol + Jake

The light shone through the trees of Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail in Fairfax, Virginia. Carol and Jake lived nearby but were unfamiliar with it. As I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure they had parked behind me, I saw puzzled looks on their faces. :) After parking on a neighborhood street, we walked the trail that led us between two single-family homes.

None of us were familiar with this trail, but I have experience shooting in the woods, so I felt confident we would find some beautiful backdrops. My gut did not disappoint me.

Our first stop was in front of large, light green trees. The setting had a very Irish feel to it. Of course, I've never been to Ireland but hey, a girl can dream.

It was hot, but not unbearable. A few people walked and biked past us, including a kind lady who suggested we take photos near a pretty spot up ahead. Boy was she right! The whole session was a dream, but my subjects were the stars.

Carol and Jake created magic in front of my eyes. They are genuinely best friends. Not only are they so comfortable in front of each other but they can, "tell each other anything." In fact, they're terrible secret keepers! I love it. Honesty and transparency are so important in a relationship, and I'm so happy Carl and Jake have that! I have no doubt their relationship is going to blossom into a beautiful marriage.

Dear Carol and Jake,

Thank you so much for giving me the honor of capturing your engagement session and wedding day next year. I am so happy we got to spend time together! I loved meeting you and hearing about your high school sweetheart story, and about Carol loving true crime and makeup, and Jake being a big Dave Ramsey fan. :) You both trusted me in choosing a great location and then trusted me when I told you to stand awkwardly because it looked amazing, and now, you get to see the fruit of your willingness. ;) I love your sweet and kind natures, and I can't wait to capture your wedding day next spring!

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