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Arya's Fall Birthday Party in Reston, Virginia

One of the main reasons I love production work is because I get to do two of my favorite things: serve people and make friends.

When Nidhi reached out inquiring about my services, she emphasized her desire to simply preserve memories— the pictures didn’t need to look perfect.

I love that. I admire her desire to capture special memories and to invest in someone who will dedicate themselves to capture moments she would miss being the hostess of the party.

She was so kind and genuine, and I appreciated her hospitality. We hadn’t even finished booking yet, and she was already offering to feed me!

My fellow photographers know that it’s rare to get food at an event.

Not for me though, because I work with the BEST clients! They’re so gracious, understanding and flexible. Nidhi was all that and more. And it was evident by the way she treated me as well as how she cared for her guests.


When I first arrived to Arya’s party, I said hi to a few guests (including Usman, whose son’s birthday party I photographed!) and headed outside where the kids were playing. Nidhi told me she wanted mostly environmental shots capturing candid moments of her guests.

The kids were having so much fun not only on the moon bounce, but also playing with a ball. I even got a few kicks in!

Inside, family and friends were chatting about their lives and were beautiful subjects.

I asked Nidhi if she had hired a decorator for her home. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL, and I was surprised when she told me she did it all herself!

And on top of her wonderful decorating skills, she was an amazing host. She was always talking with someone, getting them more to drink, or talking with kids and making sure they had everything they needed.

Nidhi, I was so happy to meet you and work with you. You are a wonderful, kind person and I hope to have the pleasure of serving your family again in the future!

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