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Family Session at Seneca Creek State Park | West Family

I recently moved to a new area and like most moms, I joined local mom groups on Facebook to make friends and learn more about the area.

A few weeks after joining a group, I saw a post that captured my attention.

Courtney asked if any local photographers would be interested in taking photos of her family and their sick dog before they had to say goodbye.

My heart melted.

I could relate. My family dog was also very sick and in his last days.

Losing a family pet is never easy, and I knew I wanted to gift the West family special memories they could always cherish.

We met at Seneca Creek State Park and ya'll— Courtney, Daniel and their daughter Katelijn looked like they belonged in a magazine!

I wish we didn't have to meet under such sad circumstances, but I was so happy to spend time with the West family.

They were fun, loving and oh so adorable! Their dogs Chewy and Spooky were SO well-behaved and made the shoot a breeze.

My favorite part was shooting Courtney and Chewy. The way she looked at him is the way I looked at my dog Rex, and it was so special being able to capture that on camera.

The family's affection towards the dogs reminded me of something important: Dogs are more than pets—they're family.

Courtney and Daniel, thank you for trusting me to capture these special moments.

I hope you cherish them for many years to come!

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