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Fruit-themed 1st Birthday Party in Fairfax County

You know that person who is actually good at making Pinterest come to life?

Katia Chen-Williams is that person. She and her sister Yona outdid themselves for Katherine’s first birthday party.

The cake and dessert table was the center of attention (other than little KitKat) with bright colors and treats.

There was an adorable homemade photo booth and themed signs at every station. Katia and her sister Yona did most of the planning, according to their middle sister Kelly.

“We’re all organized, but Yona and Katia are super organized and planned it all out,” Kelly said.

The Chen sisters were born in Brazil and moved here 12 years ago.

Katia then met her husband, Jonathan, at church. They had been married for six years before having a baby.

“Finally!” Kelly remembered thinking.

“I was really excited.”


I asked Katia how she would describe Katherine at this age and she answered inquisitive, easy-going, funny, and energetic.

I also asked Kelly how she would describe Katia as a mother.

“Attentive, fun, and a little bit of spicy.”

It is SO beautiful to me how a mother’s personality can perfectly match and complement her child’s.

Motherhood is so beautiful.


What I loved the most about the party wasn’t the decorations or theme (although it all blew me away!). It was the love I could feel emanating from the room.

Everyone who walked in was full of joy. Family and friends quickly filled the Kingstowne South Center.

Katia’s dad traveled all the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil for the party. He arrived Friday and left Sunday!

Jonathan’s parents, Sue and Patrick, traveled (for the seventh time this year) all the way from Michigan to be there for the big day.

Other friends like Natalia, Luciana and Cristina traveled from other states as well.

That melts my heart.

Nothing is better than a supportive family. I had so much fun capturing hugs, smiles and laughs on camera!

Katia and Jonathan, you are truly blessed. Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this special and momentous day for you. I was honored to capture Katherine’s birthday party, and I look forward to watching her grow and adding more memories to your family legacy! Before you know it, KitKat will be off to kindergarten, middle school and eventually become an adult. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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