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Glitz and Glam Baby Shower | Angelika + Sean | Arlington, Virginia

Angelika was wide-eyed and glowing. The anticipation of seeing her firstborn child was written all over her face. She had prepped every detail of their little one's nursery in their Arlington home. In the bassinet lay the first outfit their baby would ever wear. Books and photos lined the tall, white bookshelves. Dozens of wrapped gifts filled one side of the bedroom. Baby O'Reilly was already so loved.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have limited the number of people who could physically be with Angelika and Sean at their Glitz and Glam baby shower, but that didn't stop Lauren, Angelika's best friend, from planning a luxurious party. From desserts to confetti and hand sanitizer, the decorations and layout were perfect. The rose gold and soft white palette balanced perfectly with the large windows that allowed plenty of natural light to enter their home.

Angelika and Sean stood together on their Arlington balcony for their portraits. I typically have a few jokes up my sleeve to make my clients genuinely smile, but Sean had it covered. Angelika couldn't stop laughing at his silly impersonations - especially his interpretation of what she and Lauren look like when posing for photos. Let's just say there was a lot of hip action and duck lips.

I loved seeing how playful and flirty Angelika and Sean were with one another. It reminded me of Noah and Allie from "The Notebook," and they were so much fun! Sean seems like the silly bone in their relationship, and Angelika eats it up. I love it! And I love that I was able to capture it all on camera. In fact, that's the best part of my job - knowing that one day, their little one will have the blessing of seeing the joy on mom and dad's faces as they awaited his/her (it's a secret!) arrival. What a precious gift!

Dear Angelika and Sean,

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture such a special memory for you. You have an amazing support system, and I loved getting to meet your family and amazing friends! Baby O'Reilly is truly so blessed to have you as parents. With Angelika's sweet and kind nature and Sean's gregarious and silly personality, your child will no doubt be destined for greatness. I wish you all the best as you enter this new stage of parenthood - raising a newborn together!

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