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A Holiday Dinner Party in Vienna, Virginia

This time of year is always so fun! There are gifts, decorations and holiday parties galore. But what makes the holidays so special is the people you spend them with.

Usman loves surrounding himself with great people. For his dinner party on December 19, he invited friends, co-workers, business partners and even friends of friends.

It’s always such a treat meeting Usman’s friends. The last time I had the opportunity to do that was for his son Harris’s 7th birthday party.

It was then that I first realized how generous and friendly Usman is.

"Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are."

This quote applies perfectly. Usman and his guests were all so similar in that they all embodied friendly, outgoing, fun and kind people! I chatted with them about photography, parent life, entrepreneurship and of course - Usman!

Everyone agreed - He’s such a great host and loves entertaining! We’re all thankful for his kind nature.

We were also thankful for the delicious food he served us! There was rice, chicken, steak chickpeas and so much more. My belly is hungry just thinking about it all.

I also really enjoyed getting to spend time with Harris and Zakariya, Usman’s sons. They were taking turns riding their hoverboard and even posed for a few pictures. Those little guys are SO cute, and I loved hanging out with them!

Dear Usman,

Thank you for trusting me to capture moments at your dinner party. As I’ve said before, you’re a wonderful host and it’s such a pleasure hanging out with you and your friends! You’re a wonderful client and friend that I always look forward to serving. Your friends and I agree - you’re an amazing host! See you soon.

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