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The Williamson's | Jefferson Memorial Family Photos | Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Family Photography

The Williamson family sat together on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Cate leaned against Angela and Chloe against Grayham. They each looked up at their parents and smiled without me asking them to. The admiration in their eyes was self-evident: their parents are their heroes. This Washington D.C. family session was magical in every way.

A few moments later, I was capturing husband and wife portraits. Angela's smile was radiant. She looked at Grayham lovingly as he held her against him delicately. For a moment, they closed their eyes and breathed each other in as they sat across the Washington Monument. He whispered in her ear and her smile slowly turned into a laugh. True love is hard to describe, but watching Angela and Grayham? Anyone would feel inspired to find their own soulmate.

The sun was setting on the Tidal Basin. Thankfully, the summer heat wasn't unbearable.

The water was still and squirrels ran along the branches of the tall trees. Chloe and Cate weren't fond of walking in their fancy shoes, so they slipped them off and roamed along the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. They even helped me find a few spots to take photos! A few people walked by during the hour we were there, but we were practically alone for most of the session.

The Williamson's Australian accents are so elegant, and they both speak so gracefully and with a gentle tone. I can tell Angela is an understanding mom. She speaks so compassionately to the family. Grayham is kind and tender - the perfect traits for a man surrounded by a wife and two daughters. Cate seems adventurous and willing to take risks. Chloe comes across as the funny bone of the family. I had an amazing time getting to know each one of them!

Dear Williamson Family,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your family portraits. It was a pleasure meeting you all and learning more about your beautiful family. I am so glad we scheduled our session for a weeknight because we had plenty of time to chat while capturing these beautiful images! Chloe and Cate are so sweet. Keep doing whatever you're doing! And if you ever write a parenting book, I'll be the first to preorder. ;)

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