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Lifestyle Family Session in Bunny-Themed Nursery | Reston, Virginia

As if being born in the middle of a pandemic isn’t hectic enough, Miles Henry was born five weeks early. Evan was at home when her water broke and couldn’t believe it happened so early. She went to the hospital and she wasn’t dilated or effaced at all. Her first epidural didn’t work and hours after the second one kicked in, she was only a couple of centimeters dilated. Evan wanted a C-section, but Miles was far too small for that. After what felt like an eternity had passed, little Miles was finally born. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of their hectic situation.

Miles spent a week in the NICU. Only Evan could visit him, and even when she did, she just stared through a window. She couldn’t hold him or nurture his tiny body. It was an excruciating experience that Evan and her husband Logan won’t ever forget.

About a month later, I met Miles for his portrait session. He was still as tiny as a newborn baby and only weighed 8 pounds. His tiny fingers and toes gently wrapped around Evan and Logan’s fingers, and his eyes followed his momma throughout the session. Their Reston home was tucked away in a neighborhood surrounded by trees and nature. Their home felt safe and filled with love. Logan and Evan looked at Miles with such joy and awe.

Miles is the first grandbaby on both sides, so naturally, he is so spoiled and loved on! Evan’s mom is an interior designer and offered to decorate Miles’s nursery. Between her and Evan, they did an outstanding job with the black and white bunny theme. I absolutely loved all the details! Wallpaper, pillows, blankets, wall art, and decorative baskets. Everything tied together beautifully.

Logan has been working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so he has been able to spend a lot of time with Evan and Miles. He’s not crazy about the at-home setup, but he’s crazy about his beautiful family. It was clear as day from the way he looked at them both and constantly offered to help in any way he could. And Evan? She is a natural. The way she spoke to and held Miles was so endearing and affectionate. I have no doubt Miles is being raised in a loving home.

Dear Evan and Logan,

I know you had one heck of a ride to get to where you are, but you made it. I’m so excited to follow your journey as a family! Parenthood looks so good on you. Enjoy every moment - the cries, diaper blowouts, naps, feedings, and everything in between. Miles is so blessed to have you as parents. He gets to grow up with a variety of tastes in music and movies thanks to your polar opposite favorites. ;) Thank you for welcoming me into your home and trusting me to capture this precious moment in your life!

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