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Maternity Session at National Arboretum in Washington D.C. | Tracy + David

When I first saw Tracy and David at the National Arboretum, I immediately noticed how dressed up they were and thought to myself, “This session is a dream come true!”

My dream clients not only adhere to my complimentary style guide, but they also exert joy and love. I realized Tracy and David were dream clients the moment I laid eyes on them.

Everything was in our favor that October day—the cool temperature, cloudy skies, and the lovely coordinated outfits. We were also presently surprised at the lack of people there were.

I kept showing them the back of my camera throughout our session because I couldn’t help but give them sneak peeks at what I was seeing through my lens!

I couldn’t believe how great the session went. Tracy and David were so natural and photogenic! Their love shined brightly throughout the session, and I was so fortunate to capture it.

Dear Tracy and John,

Thank you so much for trusting me with your maternity portraits. You were both such a pleasure to serve, and I hope to capture many more special memories for you! John David is already so blessed to have loving parents like you. My wish for you is that you’ll enjoy every small detail— from the way his tiny hand will grasp your finger to the first time he turns himself onto his belly. Cherish every moment!

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