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Classy Backyard Wedding in Mt. Airy, Maryland | Deena + Reggie

Over ten years before their micro wedding in Mt. Airy, Maryland, Deena and Reggie met in college. He wasn't what she thought she wanted, but she quickly learned he was exactly what she needed. Deena is Palestinian and Reggie grew up in Chicago, so their upbringings were very different. Reggie learned to be independent at a very young age, and that turned out to be one of Deena's favorite qualities about him.

"You can't rely on your partner for happiness," Deena told me during her Facetime consultation (thanks COVID-19). He taught her to be independent, and as Deena says, it helps with "trust, friendship, and longevity." She spoke so highly of Reggie. Her tone was genuine, respectful, and eager. Eager to marry her best friend. Eager to build a future with the man who helped her out of her comfort zone. Eager to say I do.

The day finally arrived, and the Zaru household was buzzing with excitement. Deena was getting her makeup touched up when I arrived. As soon as I walked in, she squealed my name like we had been best friends for years. Her family also sounded excited to meet me, and I instantly felt at home. You would have never guessed it was a "backyard wedding" other than the obvious fact we were in a home. The cake was exquisite, Deena's hair and makeup were flawless, and all the guests were dressed in their best attire.

After family portraits were over, the family toasted, danced, and sang. I somehow managed not to join and instead captured photos of the flowers, cake, ring, and my personal favorite - a gift from Deena's sister, Rula. She ordered a handcrafted glass box and inside were dozens of laminated cards with well wishes and advice from Deena and Reggie's family and friends (that Rula had never even met). She couldn't be there in person, but she went above and beyond to help make their wedding day even more special.

Dear Deena and Reggie,

I can't thank you enough for trusting me to capture your micro wedding. I enjoyed not only meeting your fun and sweet family, but also witnessing the sheer joy in your eyes on the day you vowed to be together forever. I hope these photos give a true representation of how beautiful your day was. I was truly in awe of every little detail. You're so blessed to have each other! May love and respect be at the core of your relationship forever. Much love to you and your amazing family! Enjoy every moment of this new journey together.

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