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National Arboretum Zoom Wedding | Washington D.C. | Toyah + Michael

Toyah slowly walked up behind Michael at the Aquatic Gardens at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. She held onto her long white dress and smiled softly. The fountain was turned off, but the love bursting from Toyah and Michael's hearts was evident. She held onto his shoulder for a moment, and when he turned around, he couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. He wasn't sure what to expect since they had opted for a smaller Zoom wedding instead of a large celebration, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But his face said it all - he was stunned at her beauty.

The rain held off, which was especially great considering most of Toyah and Michael's guests were attending via Zoom. The white ceremony chairs were set up on one side of the column area, and the reception area was on the adjacent side. It was as if Mother Nature knew to be kind to us that day - the clouds helped diffuse the light during the ceremony, and the dew points were low. It was a perfect day to get married.

From the moment I met Toyah and Michael via Facetime for their initial consultation, I knew we were a perfect fit. Their lovey-dovey relationship and openness with me paired with their sense of humor and joy when my daughter, Elena, crashed our call, was almost too good to be true. I couldn't wait to meet them in person and capture their beautiful smiles on camera. It reminded me of why I named my business Agape. It's the highest form of love and is representative of the love God has for us and vice versa. I choose to work with couples who resonate that kind of love, and Toyah and Michael were no exception. They are endearing, understanding and a perfect fit for each other.

Dear Toyah and Michael,

You are both down to earth, kind and loving individuals who are incredibly blessed to call each other husband and wife. Beyond your physical beauty Toyah, your spirit of joy and fun brightens any room you walk into. Michael, I can sense how much you cherish Toyah, and your natural instinct to please and protect her make you an incredible husband. I am beyond grateful for the honor of capturing your wedding day. I hope these images are engrained in your mind forever because I know they will be in mine. Enjoy!

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