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Old Town Alexandria Family Session | Strbich Family

Old Town is a place I frequently visited growing up so when Nicole asked to take family pictures in Alexandria, I suggested Waterfront Park.

I later found out, however, there was a festival on the weekend of our session, so we ended up meeting at Founder’s Park instead. The results were not disappointing.

The Strbich family was so kind and easygoing. But their 2-year-old son Daniel was super energetic, and I had so much fun entertaining him!

Part of the reason I enjoy family sessions is because I get to act like a kid myself. I played “camera tag” with Daniel and he loved it! I tagged him by shooting photos of him and he thought it was so silly. Those ended up being some of my favorite images!

Michael, on the other hand, was pretty quiet and reserved, which meant he was really easy to pose.

Nicole and Marcell shared their experience of being a military family and having to move a lot. I admire their strength and perseverance, and I’m sure they don’t have a hard time making friends. They’re such genuine people, and above all, they’re wonderful parents.

I appreciate their willingness to try different poses, even if it meant having a workout—because lifting and throwing a 6-month old baby and 2-year-old toddler in the air gets really tiring after the first 30 seconds, and they did it for a few minutes!

Dear Strbich family,

It was a pleasure getting to know you all! Marcell, thank you for your service to our country and thank you both for all the sacrifices you make. You’re both so kind and friendly, two qualities that will take you very far in life. Daniel and Michael are very fortunate to have you as parents! Soon they’ll be busy with sports, clubs, and friends so enjoy this sweet stage in life. I wish you all the best and hope I have the honor of capturing more special moments for you!

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