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Elegant Quinceanera at the The Royal Banquet and Event Center | Burke Lake Park

Quinceanera in Burke Lake Park

In Hispanic culture, a quinceanera is a momentous and special celebration. More than a party, it marks the beginning of womanhood.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of capturing Eliza’s quinceanera. Her mother, Gaby, went all out. No detail was overlooked.

I LOVED how traditional it was. It included the changing of shoes, a purity ring, crown, intricate details, and even a traditional dance by Eliza and her court.


We started the day at Burke Lake Park for a session with Eliza and her court. By speaking to some of her friends, it was evident that Eliza is so loved by many.

I would later realize just how much Eliza means to her friends… but we’ll get to that part.

Eliza’s personality really came out during the session. She’s confident, outgoing and brings the best out in people.

After the photoshoot, we went to the quince venue in Springfield, The Royal Banquet and Event Center. It was elegant and majestic.

The blue and gold theme was divine. I did my best to capture the grandeur of the evening, but the elegance was really in all the details.

When Gaby told me she planned the party by herself, I was so impressed. Everything was perfect.

The banquet center was full of carriages, butterflies and fun facts about Eliza. But apart from the details, the room was filled with people who love Eliza.

It was clear to me that Eliza’s friends all care so much about her - so much that they rehearsed and learned choreographed dances. They did an amazing job!

I was so happy to capture special moments between Eliza and her family and friends.

Dear Eliza,

Congratulations on reaching this major milestone in life. You’re incredibly blessed with a mother who loves and cares about you so much. Thank you for being so fun to work with! You have a great group of friends. Hold on to them!

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