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Rock Creek Park Fall Family Session | Landis Family

Family sessions are so unpredictable, and although that stresses some photographers out, I love that aspect!

This session with the Landis family at Rock Creek Park was AMAZING (despite losing a shoe along the way). No worries, we found it later. :)

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about this session because I wasn’t able to scope out the area in advance like I usually do. I did, however, get there early and explored the area surrounding the Nature Center.

My worries quickly dissipated.

Rock Creek Park is absolutely gorgeous! There were so many trees that boasted fall foliage, and I knew it would serve as a beautiful background for the Landis family’s photos.

The four of them were so sweet and kind. Ava is such a great big sister! She was really loving and sweet to Noah. Onaisa was practically a model. She’s beautiful inside and out.

I could tell by the conversations Onaisa and Jared had with Ava and Noah that they are wonderful parents. I couldn’t tell if either of the kiddos were more attached to either parent because they all snuggled and loved each other so much!

And for that reason, family sessions are so fun to shoot. Yes, they’re unpredictable. Yes, it’s difficult to get the “perfect” photo. But the fact that I get to capture high-quality photos of high-quality memories is amazing. I’m honored every time and don’t take it lightly.

Dear Landis family,

Enjoy this wonderful stage of life you’re in. Although you may have to change diapers and deal with tantrums (hopefully not too many!), those two beautiful kiddos of yours will one day be off on their own. Soak in all the cuddles and kisses while you can :) I feel so blessed to have captured these beautiful moments for you. Thank you for trusting me! I look forward to seeing you all again.

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