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Rock Creek Park Pierce Mill Maternity Session | Washington D.C. | Norelys + Paul

Paul gently held Norelys's belly as he stood across from her at the Rock Creek Park Pierce Mill. The sun was peaking over the horizon, but the trees and cloudy skies protected them from the harsh sun rays. Norelys gently placed her hand over Paul's and they slowly intertwined fingers. They gazed into each other's eyes and for a moment, everything was silent. It was as if the world stood still for ten seconds as they held onto their baby, and nothing else mattered.

Although the rain held off during Norelys and Paul's maternity session, the ground was moist from overnight rain. I worried it might keep the parents-to-be from standing anywhere but the sidewalks, but they were more than willing to trust my expertise. I feel so grateful to work with clients who trust me to make their vision come true. Since we met at sunrise, there were barely any pedestrians or runners. We had Pierce Mill practically to ourselves. We were able to capture gorgeous landscape shots of Norelys and Paul that showed off the grandeur of Rock Creek Park.

Their baby is due in early December, and I could tell by the excitement in their voices that they are ready for their little one to arrive. Norelys was glowing. Her smile radiated joy and a sense of pride to be a mother. Most moms are exhausted at this stage of pregnancy, and although Norelys may have been, she did not show it. Paul was dressed very dapper. Between his suit, Norelys's white dress, and the chemistry they shared, I felt like I was photographing a couple for the cover of the Washingtonian.

Dear Norelys and Paul,

I am so excited that you'll soon be holding your little one in your arms. Being a parent is the most beautiful, wonderful, confusing, fulfilling, exciting, exhausting, and fun adventure you'll ever have. Enjoy every moment of every day. Those tiny kicks in your belly, Norelys, will soon be little feet learning to walk. And before you know it, you'll have a kindergartener learning to read and tell time. You'll lose track of time and wonder where it all went. You are both blessed beyond measure, and I can't wait to capture more precious memories for you both.

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