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Smithsonian Castle Engagement Session | Washington D.C. | Elle & Tim

A few months before their Smithsonian Castle engagement session in Washington D.C., Elle and Tim were calling their family and friends to give them the big news. Although both the time and place of the proposal were a surprise to Elle, the plan to marry her best friend was not.

Tim knew he was going to propose last year. He and Elle had talked about marriage and they knew 2020 would be the year they'd get engaged. He spoke with Elle's dad and asked for his blessing early on in the year, but before Tim knew it, November had arrived. With everything that 2020 threw at them (like that pandemic we're still in), time had slipped away from him. Days after finding the perfect ring to compliment a ring Elle wears on her middle finger every day, Tim was down on one knee asking Elle to spend the rest of her life with him.

The skies were cloudy on the day of their engagement session, which created a natural softbox for their photos. The Enid A. Haupt Garden at the Smithsonian Castle, more commonly called the Smithsonian Gardens, was blooming with tulips and cherry blossoms. There was a light breeze and thankfully, very few visitors. Elle radiated in her bright pink romper that flowed in the breeze. Tim was as dapper as a model on the cover of GQ. They were both confident, and beautifully in love.

Several times during their session, I asked them to just look at one another. Elle couldn't help but smile - Tim makes her laugh all the time. In fact, it was his sarcastic sense of humor that first attracted him to her. "My whole family is very sarcastic," she told me, "so he'd fit right in." For Tim, he loved that he could be vulnerable with her. Her easygoing nature makes it so easy to talk to her, and he loved that about her right away. Their chemistry was obvious and effortless. This Smithsonian Castle Engagement Session is definitely one for the books. Not just because of how beautiful the photos turned out, but because of how much fun we had.

Dear Elle and Tim,

I had an amazing time with you both. I love how you make each other laugh and smile so often. Tim adores you, Elle. There's no doubt about that! Lots of people don't believe in fairytale love, but you two make it believable. I admire your relationship and the fact that you have not only survived but thrived, in a long-distance relationship. You truly have something special, and I can't wait for you two to tie the knot. :) Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you enjoy this second preview of your gallery!

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