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Harris's Summer Birthday Party in Vienna

Entertainer. Musician. Family. Friends. Catered food. Drinks galore.

Usman Sheikh did not hold back. His son Harris's 7th birthday party was a BLAST!

There were over a dozen kids there, and they were all entertained by Captain All-Star, a clumsy magician who made the kids laugh non-stop.

He made flowers appear out of empty pots, bunnies change colors and juggled like a pro—which of course he is! His silliness made the kids go wild. Capturing their reactions was by far my favorite part of the party.

On the other side of the house, the grown-ups had their own entertainment. Rich Barry and his rendition of a variety of cover songs added the perfect touch.

I could easily tell he loved what he was doing. Playing the guitar must truly be his passion.

Adults were being served drinks and food as they were serenaded by Rich's music. Their every need was met.

Usman was the perfect host.

"Can I get you a drink? Something to eat? Please, have something. Water?"

As a photographer, I'm used to being a fly on the wall, but Usman made me feel not only like a guest, but like family!

The one thing that stood out about Usman apart from his hospitality was his value of fellowship. He made sure to take a photo with every guest.

He values special events and soaks them all in, and I appreciate that.

It makes my job so much more enjoyable when I know I'm capturing images that will be preserved and enjoyed.

Usman, thank you for inviting me to capture Harris's birthday party. You were a wonderful host, and Harris and Zakariya are so blessed to call you their dad. You're caring and thoughtful, and one of the best dads out there! I had a blast, and I know they, along with all your guests, did too.

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