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Surprise Wedding Anniversary Dinner | Frederick, Maryland

Sylvia was in shock when she walked down the stairs onto the main floor of her home in Frederick, Maryland. She had no idea what Mobolaji planned for their 5th wedding anniversary, and it was written all over her face. She was speechless. The only words escaping her mouth were "wow" and "baby, I can't believe this!" She was overwhelmed with joy at the sight of the elaborate evening Mobolaji had created for her.

"We were supposed to be in Jamaica right now."

COVID-19 changed their original anniversary plans, but Mobolaji was not going to let their milestone be ruined. When he first reached out to me, we planned on a picnic at Cunningham Falls State Park. Their two kids were going to be there, and we were going to meet right around golden hour. Unfortunately (or so we thought) the forecast called for isolated thunderstorms. It wasn't a risk worth taking. We decided to stick with an indoor dinner, but I had no idea just how elaborate Mobolaji's plans were.

Their dining area was rearranged, and rose petals covered the table set for two. On the kitchen island, the phrase "I <3 U" was spelled out in roses. Balloons were floating in each corner of the room, and the light shining through the kitchen windows created a twinkle in the candle holders placed throughout their home. Three wine bottles (her favorite, I presume) were decorated with anniversary-themed labels. Mobolaji didn't overlook a single detail.

He served Sylvia a three-course meal, and his choice of food and service was better than any five-star restaurant. Mobolaji treated her like the queen she is, and she couldn't stop smiling!

It's obvious that he is still so in love with the woman he met at Montgomery College years ago. And I don't mean because of the gifts he showered Sylvia with (red bottoms!!), or because of all the details he paid attention to. As I photographed them together, I couldn't help but notice the "twitterpated" (Bambi fans, anyone?) look he kept giving her. In fact, it wasn't just a look. It was a genuine expression. He gazed at her so lovingly, kind of like the way a toddler looks at something shiny. Their hearts were so full all night. It was amazing capturing that love on camera, and I hope that I did it justice.

Dear Sylvia and Mobolaji,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture such an important day in your life. I'm sorry that your trip was canceled, but I'm so glad you made the most of your anniversary. Your love for each other is truly exemplary, and your children have the best role models. Cheers to five years! I hope to see you both again soon. :)

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