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Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom Maternity | Jessica + Christian

Very rarely do long-distance relationships work out. They're hard to manage and most people give up on them. But Jessica and Christian are one of the few exceptions. During their Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom maternity session, they shared their relationship story with me, and it made me feel even more honored to take their portraits that day. They care so deeply about one another, and hearing about their dedication to their relationship was so refreshing. Some people think true love doesn't exist, but that's likely because they haven't met Jessica and Christian or experienced the love that these two have. They're soulmates.

The Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom trees were at peak bloom during their maternity session. The petals were white and fluffy, there was a light breeze in the air, and the sun's heat kept us warm enough to thoroughly enjoy our time together at the Tidal Basin. Jessica's cherry blossom dress could not have been more perfect for the occasion, and her matching nail polish and lipstick color brought her whole outfit together. Christian didn't spare a detail. His pocket square complimented Jessica's dress and they both looked so dreamy. But their outfits and style aren't what made the session so fun. It was their authentic love for one another.

Anytime I asked Jessica and Christian to look at one another, I felt secondhand butterflies radiating from their bellies. It's not every day you're told to look into your partner's eyes for 45 seconds at a time, so capturing their genuine reaction to this instruction was magical. Saying they were photogenic is an understatement. I can't wait to have them in front of my camera again! Capturing love, especially when it's the last time a couple takes professional photos as a family of two, is an honor and privilege that I don't take lightly. I love being able to plan, capture and write about these moments.

Dear Jessica and Christian,

You are both going to be absolutely amazing parents. Aside from the fact that you're a doctor, Jessica ;), you have such a kind, gentle spirit that will comfort your child when they need you most. Christian, your outgoing and fun nature will create such a joyful childhood for your children. Your baby is so blessed to call you mom and dad! I wish you nothing but the best as you embark on your journey of parenthood.

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