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Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom Maternity | Mehta Family

Shooting portrait sessions with littles can be challenging, but this tidal Basin Cherry Blossom maternity session was far from it. Radhika and Viraj have a 2-year-old little girl, Anaya, who was as charming and adventurous as can be. It only took her a few minutes to warm up to me, and once she did, we were best buds. We walked to each location together and talked about how cute puppies are. She even helped me take photos, and I have to say, she may be a photographer in the making. That would be amazing considering the Mehta family loves to travel!

The Tidal Basin was buzzing with folks who had traveled to visit the Cherry Blossoms. Once we got to our spot, however, there weren't many people there (thank goodness!). The golden hour light shone beautifully on Radhika's skin. She was glowing, figuratively and literally. Her dress complimented the colors of the blossoms, and she coordinated so well with Viraj! Anaya posed for many photos at the beginning of the session and took a break about halfway through to eat some snacks. My kind of girl! That meant Radhika and Viraj spent some quiet moments together, breathing in each other's love. This would be the last time they took formal portraits together as a family of three since their baby boy was only a few weeks away from making his appearance.

We spent our two hours together chatting mostly about their relationship, family, and hobbies. Radhika fell in love with Viraj's confidence, and Viraj loved how easy it was to talk with Radhika. They shared their dreams and ambitions with one another, and most importantly, they understood one another. The Mehtas have traveled to several countries, including Japan and Spain. They started traveling before they got married, continued even after having Anaya, and plan on traveling even more as soon as the pandemic is over. What an amazing family tradition! I can't wait to see all the places they'll go.

Dear Radhika and Viraj,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this special moment for you. Anaya and your son are so blessed to call you mom and dad. Your personalities compliment each other so well, and I see so much of each of you in Anaya! She is silly and outgoing, and I can tell she cares for those around her. Keep loving on her and raising her the way you are because you're doing an amazing job! I admire your work ethic and wanderlust spirits, and I look forward to spending time with you again at your next family session!

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