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Under The Sea 1st Birthday Party | Northern Virginia

Katia carefully placed the last few platters of sushi on the kitchen table. She had decorated it so beautifully with netting, cute desserts including brigadeiros, flowers and more. Guests hadn't arrived yet, so the untouched "Under the Sea" 1st Birthday Party decorations were perfectly in place. Lucas sat near me and watched intently as I captured detail photos. Kit Kat was so interested in what I was doing, she came up right next to me and got a close-up look. Her eyes lit up when I asked if she wanted to help me take photos. She smiled ear to ear when she realized the photo on the back of my camera was the one she had taken all on her own. She had the title of firstborn, big sister, and now, family photographer.

Kit Kat and Lucas are both under 3 years old, yet they were calm and very well-behaved during Lucas' 1st birthday party! They shared and played nicely with their friends, and were such great little hosts. Lucas' party reminded me of Kit Kat's 1st birthday party. I had the honor of capturing her party back in 2019. Both times, the star of the show was surrounded by family, good food, and amazing decorations.

At one point, I joked about Katia having enough party supplies to open her own store. She has an eye for themed parties and does an amazing job executing her plans. From the printed signs to the adoptable stuffed animals, Katia made sure the party was both aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable! She is truly the definition of a cool mom, and I love this part of my job - getting to write and tell the world about the amazing people I get to serve. God really does bless me with amazing clients, and I'm so happy to capture these special memories for them!

Dear Katia and Jonathan,

Thank you so much for allowing me once again to capture such a beautiful occasion. Lucas and Kit Kat are both so blessed to have loving parents. They may not realize yet just how much you're willing to do for them, but the rest of us see it. Your efforts are inspirational, and I feel so blessed to know you! I look forward to seeing Kit Kat and Lucas grow over the years.

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