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Washington D.C. Wedding at The Point DC

Jeff's eyes filled with tears at the sight of Abbey. He had waited so patiently to see her, and Abbey was equally excited. She asked more than once: "how much longer until the first look?" Their Washington D.C. Wedding at The Point DC was about an hour away from beginning when Abbey tapped Jeff's shoulder and watched his eyes light up in awe when he turned around and saw her.

First looks are easily the most intimate and emotional part of a wedding day. It's usually the only time a bride and groom can share a moment alone, albeit my second shooter and I were there to photograph the moment (from a distance). They spoke softly to each other, smiling and wiping away tears. A few minutes later, their bridal party joined the couple for some fun editorial photos and before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony.

Abbey and Jeff's officiant was the very person responsible for introducing the couple - against their wills. It's a funny story that can be condensed into a surprise blind date that ended with a happily ever after. You can read more about that eventful night here. And although many laughs were shared during the ceremony, it was the opening speech during the reception that watered many eyes in the room.

Abbey and her dad share a very special bond. Naturally, his speech was filled with memorable moments (like concerts galore) and heartfelt best wishes as she and Jeff began a new chapter in life. Bill also welcomed all the guests to the reception and thanked everyone who played a role in creating a magical night. His eyes became teary as he shared his feelings about Jeff. Bill described him as not only easy-going, but also patient and kind. I couldn't agree more.

Dear Abbey and Jeff,

Congratulations again! Your wedding day was absolutely stunning and perfect in every way. You were both such a dream to have in front of my cameras, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! I wish you both a happy marriage filled with amazing adventures and so much joy.

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