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Whittier Lake Park Engagement Session | Frederick, Maryland | Adrianna + Connor

Adrianna and Connor met several years ago when they were in high school. They both grew up in Frederick, Maryland but surprisingly, weren't that familiar with Whittier Lake Park! When they arrived for their engagement session, they seemed very excited about all the scenery. The weather was perfect. We anticipated chillier temps, but it was sunny enough to keep us warm. We practically had Lake Whittier to ourselves.

Aside from a few dozen ducks, it was quiet. We only saw a few people, and some of them yelled out "congratulations!" when they saw Adrianna and Connor posing together. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize they were celebrating something. And that's exactly how I like to view engagement sessions - as a celebration.

Adrianna and Connor made a decision to spend the rest of their lives together and that is worth celebrating! That's part of the reason why I offer complimentary engagement sessions to couples who book their weddings with me - as a gift to celebrate their love. It also gives them a chance to get used to my posing system. We also have the opportunity to get to know one another, and boy, did I learn a lot!

During their engagement session at Lake Whittier, Adrianna and Connor filled me in on all things Frederick. I recently moved here, and they've lived here their whole lives so I felt like I was learning from the experts. I love supporting small businesses so I asked them to tell me about their favorite restaurants and they suggested places like Lapaz, Wags, Gambrill Mountain, Sumittra, and Dutch's Daughter! Adrianna even texted me the list after the session - what a sweetheart! I can't wait to try these places out.

Dear Adrianna and Connor,

I had an amazing time with you during your engagement session! You're both so kind, funny, and easy to talk to. I loved hearing about your wedding plans, and I am so excited to capture your big day next June! Adrianna, congratulations again on starting your nursing career. I'm so happy you got a shift you like! And Connor, enjoy these last few months of school. I can't wait to see all the things you both accomplish together. Enjoy this second preview of your photos!

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